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TUNE IN to MUSIC: Transform Lives One Note at a Time

In our age of unyielding distractions and persistent disruptions, often to the detriment of our health, there is a simple yet powerful tool that can connect us together and improve our health – music.

As one of Canada’s leading trailblazers and experts in music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan bridges the gap between the science of music and the public’s use and value of music in an inspiring, warm and insightful way.

Jennifer demonstrates that when we experience the right music, in the right way, at the right time, transformation can happen –  improved productivity, a boost in mood, enhanced performance, reduction in stress and strengthened relationships – and she has the stories to prove it.

Like music, Jennifer’s Tune In message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. No matter what kind of organization you belong to, whether you are a manager or employee, a teacher or a student, a healthcare professional or patient, the Tune In keynote will open or close your conference on a memorable high note – one that will transform the way you use music and share it with others.  

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WELLNESS, WELL-PLAYED: 9 Steps to a Sustainable, Values-Driven Business 

Renowned music therapist Jennifer Buchanan shows you how to measure your success and deliver your service in a way that blends health, heart, and mastery. It is possible to build a business that endures, without compromising your own health and values.

Like many entrepreneurs, Buchanan started with a huge mission. She wanted to help people in their pursuit of optimum health. But after running her business for twenty years, even with thousands of clients and a loyal staff, she felt burned out, purposeless, and not sure if her business would make it. Rather than quit, Buchanan went on an intense quest to prove her company’s viability and identify the key components of successful businesses—and in this presentation she shares these essential elements so your own business can prosper.

This presentation offers nine simple steps for starting or revitalizing your business. You’ll learn how to establish your dream, scale your business, share your message with the world, increase equity for all, take care of yourself while you’re doing good work for others, and more. And yes, the good work can continue without you: Buchanan shows you how to create a lasting legacy so your mission can endure without you. Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples, including Buchanan’s own journey, this presentation is geared toward those who know that taking care of your business is the best way to take care of others. Now that’s wellness, well played.

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