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Keynotes & Seminars

WELLNESS INCORPORATED: Lead a Sustainable, Values-Driven Business

This inspirational and trailblazing story reveals how Jennifer built a successful social purpose business making significant community impact in its wake, despite being told it was impossible. 

Based on over 25 years of owning and operating an award-winning company, Jennifer presents her most moving stories to convey the following key strategies to help you build greater impact and meaning into your business, regardless of your company’s age or size:

• Share the dream and lead with legacy in mind

• Foster a spirit of equity and build on your team’s strengths

• Make incremental steps towards your ‘blisspoint’ 

• Invest in self-care for yourself and your team

Jennifer imparts her front-line experience and infectious energy, speaking directly to every member in the audience. She brings her real-world experience of starting her company with just one client and scaling it to maximize community impact. Her first accountant said the market would never buy in…..over a quarter of a century later (and with a new accountant), Jennifer has built a company that proves good work can still make a difference

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TUNE IN to MUSIC: Transform Lives One Note at a Time

In our age of unyielding distractions and persistent disruptions, often to the detriment of our health, there is a simple yet powerful tool that can connect us together and improve our health – music.

As one of Canada’s leading trailblazers and experts in music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan bridges the gap between the science of music and the public’s use and value of music in an inspiring, warm and insightful way.

Jennifer demonstrates that when we experience the right music, in the right way, at the right time, transformation can happen –  improved productivity, a boost in mood, enhanced performance, reduction in stress and strengthened relationships – and she has the stories to prove it.

Like music, Jennifer’s Tune In message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. No matter what kind of organization you belong to, whether you are a manager or employee, a teacher or a student, a healthcare professional or patient, the Tune In keynote will open or close your conference on a memorable high note – one that will transform the way you use music and share it with others.  

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WELLNESS, WELL-PLAYED – Music and your Mental Health

Inspiration and music ignite in this transformational presentation, taking people from feeling ‘tuned out’ – to feeling ‘tuned in’. Jennifer has been fortunate to work with many organizations who serve children and adults facing trauma, depression, grief, addiction and more. Despite feeling lost or broken, music provides many people with the opportunity to express their emotions and to experience the necessary feelings of safety, peace and comfort they crave.

Jennifer believes we all need help at points in our lives and music, at many times, can be the perfect friend to help us say the words that are often too difficult to say. Using stories, science, and strategies Jennifer’s presentation delivers many insights.

Learn how:

  • to use music to find greater meaning in life
  • to use music to be happier throughout the day
  • boost mood and reduce stress and;
  • restore overall health

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MUSIC, THE BRAIN AND AGING WELL – A Sound Connection for Better Health

Explore the science, interventions, and perspectives of using music throughout our life. Music memory is deep seated in the brain and is protected from many signs of aging, including significant neurological changes. Through the use of stories and demonstrations you will gain knowledge and strategies for using music for greater wellness at home, in retirement communities, long term, and palliative care.

Music Therapy is proven to be effective  for people who have not responded or are resistant to other treatment approaches. Music calms and soothes the mind and enhances cognitive processes. Overall, music gives everyone an opportunity to maintain or improve their physical, mental, cognitive and psychological processes.

Learn how:

  • melodies may be more effective than medications
  • music affects memory using triggers and anchors
  • promotes feelings of connection even if you don’t want to sing
  • music has the capacity to overcome physical and cognitive limitations

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LEAN ON ME:  This is Your School On Music

Music is one of the great mysteries of human experience. Although it provides no obvious direct benefit to survival, the human brain seems to be hardwired for music. If it is so important to our mind and mindset why are we not using it more in the classroom? 

As a certified Music Therapist, music is not a side business for Jennifer… it is where her experience, training, and passions lie.  It is what she does – and has been doing for over 25 years.  Working in healthcare and education Jennifer has witnessed the power of music and has developed specific considerations and strategies that can be used in all classrooms, as well as at home, to increase feelings of connection and improved learning states.

Learn how:

  • the areas of the brain react to music and why this matters to academic learning.
  • to bridge culture and economic differences in the classroom – creating stronger feelings of connection between all students.
  • children with disabilities respond to music and how music can be used to create equitable experiences.
  • music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety when used with intention.
  • can give students the opportunity to contribute to something greater than themselves.

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For teenagers, music frequently provides a means to identify and to label emotions. In music with lyrics, teenagers express happiness and sadness, frustrations and relief. Music helps to express issues arising from relationships with family or friends. When teenagers use music as a mood-modifier, it can be used to reinforce and perpetuate negative emotions as well as positive emotions. 

Learn how:

  • songs with lyrics can explore current topics, trends and experiences.
  • music can help an anxious teen relax or unblock their creativity.
  • to discuss the benefits and harmful attributes of some music – yes, music can harm.
  • to incorporate music in the classroom to set the tone of an assignment or time of day – building many memories.
  • to write new lyrics to an existing song by exploring creative writing and uncovering the educational experiences within it.