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Keynotes and Seminars

Since becoming a certified music therapist almost three decades ago my team and I have served hundreds of organizations through our award-winning company JB Music Therapy, founded in 1991. The following presentations inspire and ignite audiences into action! Music and values-based best practices can strengthen organizations and teams of any size.

Julie Gummesen


Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention Association

Jennifer was highly engaging and personable.  She presented her popular opening keynote, “Tune In” and three breakout sessions. All of her sessions were filled with inspiring personal stories, beautiful music, and interactive activities.  She has an uncanny ability to speak directly to each member of her audience in a deeply personal way.

TUNE IN – Why Music Improves Mood, Memory, and Motivation 

This is the signature keynote about how MUSIC may hold more potential than we realize in helping us reach all these aims regardless of our current circumstance. In so many ways music is simple — it brings more meaning into moments. In so many ways music is complex — it’s interaction with the brain, it’s effects on our mood, and it’s many triggers.  Learn more.

WELLNESS INCORPORATED – Leading a Business That Makes a Difference 

I had to cast aside my notions of how my business “ought to be,” by other people’s standards. Instead, I needed to build my business JB Music Therapy as it was meant to be: one that would thrive through the rough patches, adapt through the challenges, and help clients reach their goals. I wanted a sustainable business to make a difference – still do.   Learn more.

MUSIC FOR MENTAL HEALTH – Sometimes Words are not Enough

I have worked with some of society’s most vulnerable including at-risk youth, individuals post-brain injury, the incarcerated, as well as those moving through other stressful transitions including dementia and end of life care. Learn how music can become a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis. Learn more.

YOUR SONG – Design Purposeful Playlists for Your Health and Well-Being

Many have witnessed the benefits of music to enhance performance, improve mood or to ease stress.  Streaming services suggest the most popular motivational genres but there is so much more science to it than this. With me as your coach, you will learn to find the right music for you to use intentionally to help elevate your goals whatever they may be. Learn More.

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY – How Music Connects with People Living with Dementia

In the face of concerning statistics, and until a cure is found, society is looking for ways to best care for the symptoms of dementia.  Through inspiring stories and the latest evidence, I will show you how music is the most effective and efficient channel in helping people feel safe, secure, and connected to their moment.  Learn More.

TIME OF YOUR LIFE – The Magic of Music During Times of Transition

Music is a powerful source of joy and comfort as we age or plan to retire. When words fail, music provides a way for people to connect with others and engage with memories, future experiences, and transitions along life’s journey. Aging well begins with music. Learn More.

Brian Lee, CSP

CEO & Founder

Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd

Jennifer is one on Canada’s most talented and inspirational platform presenters. She brings a rare combination of musical expertise and insights into human motivation, which makes her one of the most in-demand and dynamic communicators in the speaking profession today.