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TUNE IN: How Music Can Transform Your Organization One Note at a Time

In our age of unyielding distractions and persistent disruptions, often to the detriment of our health, there is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool that we have not fully leveraged – music.

As one of Canada’s leading trailblazers and experts in music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan bridges the gap between the neuroscience of music and the public’s use and value of music in a humorous, warm and insightful way.

Jennifer believes that when we experience the right music, in the right way and at the right time, transformation can happen –  improved productivity, a boost in mood, enhanced performance, reduction in stress and stronger patients/students/teams/schools/staff/healthcare workers/hospitals/societies.

Like music, Jennifer’s Tune In message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. No matter what kind of organization you belong to, whether you are a manager or employee at any level, you will learn the best Tune In strategies for you, for home and work, helping you feel more connected, more creative and ultimately more positive.  

Open or close your convention on a high note with the Tune In keynote.

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WELL-PLAYED: A Healthpreneur’s Guide to Building a Business with Huge Impact

‘What would my business look like if it was good for my client, for me, and my community?’ This is the ultimate question for the Healthpreneur.

When you step into the role of a entrepreneur, and in my case a healthcare entrepreneur, you are essentially claiming your spot as a leader and trailblazer within your specific industry and community, helping others reach their desired goals in pursuit of optimum health and wellness.

Throughout Jennifer’s business career she has observed her industry move from relatively unknown to regularly featured in the media. She has witnessed her profession shift from being questioned, to being considered a nice thing to have, to becoming legislated – with her colleagues working very hard to find their place in the global marketplace.

Jennifer will present a combination of personal stories, proven ways to grow your practice and key strategies aimed to help you build greater impact and meaning into your business and community, regardless of its’ age or size based upon her 25 years of owning and operating an award-winning private healthcare company,

This presentation is for all of us in the many stages of our business journey – the emerging private practitioner, the established healthpreneur, the business leader, the dreamer – encouraging us to stay less focused on the bottom line and more on the top line – Impact and Purpose – the reason why we do what we do….and why we should always strive to keep doing it better.

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Ingrid Norrish

Joy Fox Award of Merit & Innovation Recipient

Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

I booked Jennifer as a closing keynote speaker for our Annual Conference. Right from the start when we spoke I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and keen interest in our event. She made some recommendations on what she could add and customize to the closing keynote presentation to end the conference with a WOW factor. Jennifer delivered on her promise, and her warmth and engaging style captivated the audience, and we all learned from what she shared. As a meeting planner, I’ve witnessed many keynote presenters and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jennifer for any event.

Helen Reilly

Project Management and Communication Planning

Connect The Dots Communication

Jennifer’s keynote presentation last month was nothing short of inspiring! The lasting impact and calm energy she brings resonates with delegates long after they leave the room – equipping them to approach their work with a renewed perspective and appreciation for the value of music in their personal and professional lives. Her ability to engage an audience speaks to her expertise – using audience interaction to demonstrate the impact of music. I remain grateful for the enhancement of my understanding of how music moves and motivates us – personally and professionally.