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HEALTH AND HARMONY AT WORK: How Music Builds Culture and Connections 

The truth is that we can all feel overwhelmed, inefficient, and not connecting as well as we would like with our team . The solution? Putting tools, strategies, and mindsets in place to turn that experience around. Jennifer Buchanan’s experience as a music therapist has given her the gift of learning how to leverage music to reach such goals.

In a practical yet inspiring session, Jennifer educates audiences on how to effectively leverage music in their personal and work environments to enhance their creativity, productivity and team collaboration.  The result? More innovative contributors who are also happier and less stressed. The kind of things that make for incredible organizations.

Learn how:

  • music strategies enhance performance including improved engagement, boosting efficiency, expediting projects, and working with greater enthusiasm.
  • music can be a significant trigger for sparking creativity and an innovative idea
  • music can help break the ‘feeling of being stuck’ and help a team work through a barrier in a project.
  • music can help us feel better connected to others or help us personally get motivated for their next half marathon.  

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Inspiration and music ignite in this transformational presentation, taking people from feeling ‘tuned out’ – to feeling ‘tuned in’. Jennifer has been fortunate to work with many organizations who serve children and adults facing trauma, depression, grief, addiction and more. Despite feeling lost or broken, music provides many people with the opportunity to express their emotions and to experience the necessary feelings of safety, peace and comfort they crave. 

Jennifer believes we all need help at points in our lives and music, at many times, can be the perfect friend to help us say the words that are often too difficult to say. Using stories, science, and strategies Jennifer’s presentation delivers many insights. 

Learn how:

  • to use music to find greater meaning in life
  • to use music to be happier throughout the day
  • boost mood and reduce stress and;
  • restore overall health

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MUSIC FOR AGING WELL – A Sound Connection for Overall Health and Performance

Explore the science, interventions, and perspectives of using music throughout our life. Music memory is deep seated in the brain and is protected from many signs of aging, including significant neurological changes. Through the use of stories and demonstrations you will gain knowledge and strategies for using music for greater wellness at home, in retirement communities, long term, and palliative care.

Music Therapy is proven to be effective  for people who have not responded or are resistant to other treatment approaches. Music calms and soothes the mind and enhances cognitive processes. Overall, music gives everyone an opportunity to maintain or improve their physical, mental, cognitive and psychological processes.

Learn how:

  • melodies may be more effective than medications
  • music affects memory using triggers and anchors
  • promotes feelings of connection even if you don’t want to sing
  • music has the capacity to overcome physical and cognitive limitations

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LEAN ON ME:  This is Your School On Music

Music is one of the great mysteries of human experience. Although it provides no obvious direct benefit to survival, the human brain seems to be hardwired for music. If it is so important to our mind and mindset why are we not using it more in the classroom? 

As a certified Music Therapist, music is not a side business for Jennifer… it is where her experience, training, and passions lie.  It is what she does – and has been doing for over 25 years.  Working in healthcare and education Jennifer has witnessed the power of music and has developed specific considerations and strategies that can be used in all classrooms, as well as at home, to increase feelings of connection and improved learning states.

Learn how:

  • the areas of the brain react to music and why this matters to academic learning.
  • to bridge culture and economic differences in the classroom – creating stronger feelings of connection between all students.
  • children with disabilities respond to music and how music can be used to create equitable experiences.
  • music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety when used with intention.
  • can give students the opportunity to contribute to something greater than themselves.

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For teenagers, music frequently provides a means to identify and to label emotions. In music with lyrics, teenagers express happiness and sadness, frustrations and relief. Music helps to express issues arising from relationships with family or friends. When teenagers use music as a mood-modifier, it can be used to reinforce and perpetuate negative emotions as well as positive emotions. 

Learn how:

  • songs with lyrics can explore current topics, trends and experiences.
  • music can help an anxious teen relax or unblock their creativity.
  • to discuss the benefits and harmful attributes of some music – yes, music can harm.
  • to incorporate music in the classroom to set the tone of an assignment or time of day – building many memories.
  • to write new lyrics to an existing song by exploring creative writing and uncovering the educational experiences within it.

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WELL-PLAYED: How to Build a Sustainable Private Practice/Social-Purpose Business 

This seminar is for you – the emerging Healthpreneur, the professional who is about to embark on building a private practice, the small service based business owner. I believe all businesses can make a bigger difference in their community by reflecting and acting upon 10 key considerations.

In this seminar learn how to:

  • set your mindset
  • share the dream
  • find your blisspoint
  • strengthen your position as an industry expert
  • message for momentum, scale for impact
  • take one step forward every day, build in the spirit of equity
  • care for yourself
  • leave a legacy ahead

We will all face moments when we feel stuck, torn, and unsure. We will always be faced with ethical dilemmas, conflicts, disagreements, and difficult transitions. It helps to know we don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward, and that there is always support when you need it most – you just need to know where to look.

This presentation is for anyone who desires to make a living AND MORE IMPORTANTLY make a difference in people’s lives.

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MUSIC IS MY THERAPY: A Corporate Retreat

When we use music in specific and personalized ways, we can expect many surprising and beneficial outcomes.  Come and learn these techniques from a certified music therapist on how to attain: more memory and brain growth, self-awareness, focus, and inspirational moments.

This full day workshop is meant to be a source of inspiration and a guide for individuals who not only like music but are curious about using music to help them cope with the day-to-day issues in their life that may be causing them stress, unhappiness, even depression. It will be an encouragement to all in finding new ways to connect and feel healthy.

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