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Wellness Incorporated

The Health Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Available January 29, 2019!

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The essential guide for every entrepreneur in the health and wellness field—whether for-profit or non-profit, public or private.

Health and wellness businesses have unique challenges, opportunities, and metrics—until now there has never been a business resource specifically for health entrepreneurs. Renowned music therapist Jennifer Buchanan shows you how to measure your success and deliver your service in a way that blends health, heart, and mastery. It is possible to build a business that endures, without compromising your own health and values.

Like many health entrepreneurs, Jennifer started with a huge mission. She wanted to help people in their pursuit of optimum health. But after running her business for twenty years, even with thousands of clients and a loyal staff, she felt burned out and unsure if her business would make it. Rather than quit, Buchanan went on an intense quest to prove her company’s viability and identify the key components of successful healthcare practices—and in Wellness Incorporated she shares these essential elements so your own business can prosper.

Wellness Incorporated offers nine simple steps for starting or revitalizing your healthcare business. You’ll learn how to establish your dream, scale your business, share your message with the world, increase equity for all, take care of yourself while you’re doing good work for others, and more. And yes, the good work can continue without you: Jennifer shows you how to create a lasting legacy so your mission can endure without you. Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples, including Jennifer’s own journey, Wellness Incorporated is geared toward those who know that taking care of your business is necessary to take care of others. 

Andrea Holwegner RD CEO

Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Wellness Incorporated is THE book for growth of your health and wellness business. Jennifer offers unique insight as an entrepreneur, heartpreneur AND health entrepreneur. From how to escape burnout, to how to master the art and science of balancing people, profits and legacy, this book is loaded with wisdom. Regardless if you are just starting out or have a successful business already, the information in this book draws on Jennifers insightful experience from over two decades of growing a values-first health and wellness business (without losing your sanity, health and happiness along the way).

Jaclyn Fimrite

Vice President, Mid-Market Mergers & Acquisitions

Royal Bank of Canada

Jennifer never ceases to amaze me… She has taken her challenge and delight filled entrepreneurial journey and turned it into an inspirational guide for those considering a business venture that couples financial reward and greater enhancement of social good – two concepts rarely mentioned in the same sentence. Readers will come away with valuable coaching, advice, tools, encouragement and enthusiasm to pursue their ambitions. Jennifer chose the path less traveled and in doing so our world includes more music, and that’s a great thing!

Brad Mahon, PhD

Director, Conservatory of Music & Interim Dean, Faculty of Continuing Education

Mount Royal University

In life and in business, we know the value of mentorship. Jennifer Buchanan offers emerging and established healthpreneurs an honest and guiding voice forward, thoughtfully providing advice for development, growth, and success in the industry. Buchanan importantly reminds the healthpreneur of the responsibility to be leaders and difference makers, not just in their fields, but through their contributions to society too—reminding them of their responsibility and ability to transform lives. There’s also an appealing practicality to Wellness Incorporated. It really is a guide or collection of applied advice—required reading on how to succeed in this field, and relatedly, how to prosper in life. Jennifer Buchanan provides the relevant theory behind best practices—she doesn’t just talk, she also walks the walk.