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3 Steps to Creating a Purposeful Playlist for 2022

Creating a playlist can give vision to our auditory diet. Music can add meaning to moments…and in the case of #MyPlaylist2022 I hope it will support you the whole year through.  Here are the 3 steps I suggest to making the perfect playlist in 2022:

1. Set a Goal, Intention, or Desired Feeling to Take Into 2022. 

You may have several whys for using music—to de-stress, to boost your memory, to increase your productivity, or to lessen your anxiety. Whatever your objective may be, just naming it will help. In her book The Success–Energy Equation, Michelle Cederberg puts it this way: “When you set a goal, your attention is naturally drawn toward what you should do next. Your brain starts to look for ways to accomplish that goal and you gain focus, which is an antidote to all the distractions and low-priority tasks that compete for your attention every day.” Cederberg goes on to discuss goals in the most beautiful and musical way: “If your goals don’t resonate with you at a deeper level it will be hard to stay connected to them.”

So why do you need a purposeful playlist? Here are some of the most popular goals I have heard from family, friends, and clients:

  • For comfort
  • To reduce stress
  • To lessen anxiety
  • To improve mood
  • To find purpose
  • To increase productivity
  • To boost creativity
  • To feel inspired
  • To strengthen relationships
  • For general self-care

Take a moment to reflect upon one or more overarching goals you desire in your life. Big goals can help us expand our vision and stay open to possibilities. This mindset will help us move through the music-centred exercises leading to sustainable benefits.

The feeling I selected was DRIVE.  I will share more about that in next month’s blog post.

2. Choose your Songs to Match Your Desired Feeling.

Although choosing songs may sound simple, that does not mean that it is easy. Our quest with this particular exercise is to choose songs that, every time you hear them, express the exact feeling you want to have in 2022. As I was putting mine together I started to feel guilty letting go of some of the songs I had originally chosen – because I loved all the songs. I had to keep reminding myself that just because the song isn’t on this playlist it doesn’t mean I have to stop liking that song – the song just didn’t fit this particular playlist.  There are many more playlists in Wellness, Wellplayed where they can be shared.  Some of the songs I have selected surprised me.  They are not my regular listening selections but when I focused on my intention – to experience DRIVE – they did the trick. I have been working on my playlist all month and I currently have 26 songs (changing all the time). I am aiming to grow my selection to 40 – 50 throughout the year keeping in mind that if a song stops producing DRIVE that I am allowed and encouraged, to replace that song with another.

3. Share your playlist – on Social Media, in a Music HUB, or directly with me!

Let’s share our playlists on your favourite streaming service or send me your list via social media and tag #MyPlaylist2022 so I can find it!

In Wellness, Wellplayed I share another idea – the 6 steps for starting a Music Hub. A place where music lovers are looking to meet fellow music lovers. A place to show off our tastes and learn what others like. A great way to encourage us to pay attention to our current listening habits while also discovering new music. A place to dig deeply into our memories and to create new ones. Perhaps you can already envision the perfect group of old or new friends you feel would be interested in getting together to talk music and #MyPlaylist2022?

Thanks for joining me on this journey of setting our 2022 Intention in Music, and I wish you more vibrancy, clarity, and (as my friend Fran Herman would say) chutzpah .

Here is #MyPlaylist2022 – DRIVE THE DREAM. I look forward to hearing yours!



A quick wrap up! In conclusion…