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Jennifer Buchanan is an accomplished author, an in-demand keynote speaker and highly regarded trailblazer in the music therapy field. Over the course of the past 25 years Jennifer has witnessed the remarkable power of music to transform the lives of thousands of people. She is passionate about helping even more people understand how they too, can use music to reduce stress, improve productivity, and restore health. Jennifer speaks internationally to a wide variety of education, healthcare, and corporate wellness audiences.

Judge's Review

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Multiple award-winning owner of JB Music Therapy Jennifer Buchanan has created a rare thing: a business book with a beating heart. Faced with the challenges of running a business she loved but finding herself personally depleted, she eventually developed nine key principles with the aim of keeping your business strong and viable in tandem with your own health and happiness. Concise, clear, engaging writing combined with solid advice makes this a must-read for any health entrepreneur.


Don Felder

Lead Guitar Player


Through her work, Jennifer has touched many people in ways that could only be accomplished with both her special gift and her music – one of the most heartwarming experiences of my life.

Brian Lee, CSP

CEO & Founder

Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd

Jennifer is one on Canada’s most talented and inspirational platform presenters. She brings a rare combination of musical expertise and insights into human motivation, which makes her one of the most in-demand and dynamic communicators in the speaking profession today.

Bruce Sellery

Money Columnist

Cityline and CBC Radio

Buchanan is living proof that you can do well, and do good.

Andrew Mosker

President and CEO

National Music Centre

Canada is so fortunate to have such a practitioner in Jennifer Buchanan. Professional, experienced, talented, and passionate, Jennifer is committed to ensuring that the healing powers of music thrive and are made accessible in new and innovative ways.

Brad Mahon, PhD

Interim Dean, Continuing Education

Mount Royal U

Jennifer Buchanan offers emerging and established health entrepreneurs an honest and guiding voice forward, thoughtfully providing advice for development, growth, and success in the industry — she doesn’t just talk, she also walks the walk.

Jaclyn Fimrite, VP

Mergers & Acquisitions

Royal Bank of Canada

Jennifer never ceases to amaze me… She has taken her challenge and delight filled entrepreneurial journey and turned it into an inspirational guide for those considering a business venture that couples financial reward and greater enhancement of social good – two concepts rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

Andrea Holwegner

CEO, Health Stand

Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Wellness Incorporated is THE book for growth of your health and wellness business.

Tiana Malone

PT Faculty

Concordia University

This was invaluable for so many reasons. Your approach was warm, direct, and grounding. You gave concrete tools, which was very appreciated, but also kept it open for discussion and reflection.

Desere Pressey

Artist and Director

Little Duck Gallery

Not only was the information delivered in a way that felt accessible, and easy to digest – but Jennifer’s obvious passion for this work, and for the helping to expand it’s reach was palpable.  The frequency of words spoken paralleled her presence – when this is felt – the learning can truly begin.

Jim LeBlanc

Disability Management

Canada Post Corp

Again a fabulous presentation!!! Thank you for attending our symposium and reminding us of the beauty of music and the impacts that it has for all reasons. More importantly the connections that music makes and your incredible ability to present with humour and insight!

Julie Gummesen


Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention Association

Jennifer was highly engaging and personable.  She presented her popular opening keynote, “Tune In” and three breakout sessions. All of her sessions were filled with inspiring personal stories, beautiful music, and interactive activities.  She has an uncanny ability to speak directly to each member of her audience in a deeply personal way.

Amber Postma

Benefits and Payroll

PetroChina Canada

She is such a talented musician, a wonderful speaker and really knowledgeable professional who sent everyone away will  brand new knowledge and respect for how your music choices can absolutely affect almost all aspects of life for the better.

Helen Reilly

Project Management and Communication

Connect The Dots

Nothing short of inspiring! The lasting impact and calm energy she brings resonates with delegates long after they leave the room – equipping them to approach their work with a renewed perspective and appreciation for the value of music in their personal and professional lives.

Ingrid Norrish

Joy Fox Award Recipient

Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

I booked Jennifer as a closing keynote speaker. I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and keen interest in our event. She customized her presentation with a WOW factor.

Erin Lassiter

Conference Chair

Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association

Jennifer has an amazing ability to connect with her audience in an engaging, motivational and thought provoking way.  She was able to take our conference theme and incorporate it into her presentation in a creative and relevant way.  We continue to receive excellent feedback from our delegates.  Jennifer is a truly inspirational speaker who is also an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you Jennifer!

David Rodwell

D.E. Rodwell Investigative Services Ltd.

Jennifer your performance at the D42 Toastmasters National Conference was simply spectacular. It has been a long time since I have seen a speaker connect with an audience as well as you did this morning. You had them laughing and crying and the message was beautiful. You have crafted one of the best presentations I have seen and I have seen a number. One of your best traits was the ability to adlib to meet the situations that were happening in the crowd of about 500 people. Outstanding job, and I highly recommend to any organization that want a dynamic speaker with a positive message.

Christian Hall

National Program Manager

Harvard Broadcasting

Warning! Jennifer’s passion for Music Therapy is extremely contagious – in a very good way. Anyone who’s ever spent time with her immediately wants to support the amazing work her and other music therapists provide.

Patricia Morgan


Solutions for Resilience

My heart was broken open by Tune In. Jennifer Buchanan paints a picture of the tender moments music can help create and demonstrates its calming effects. She provides a simple, yet profound explanation of the distress reduction effect music can have. You can deliberately choose your music to bring you to calm. Tune In shows the way.

Sondra Musa


The Arthouse Inc.

You made the idea of owning a business serious, yet fun!


Miranda Bray

Private Practitioner

This presentation has empowered me to keep striving for my dreams and gave me tools to start moving forward!

Cassandra Brennan

Drama Therapist

Your presentation made me feel equipped, prepared and eager to begin my journey into private practice.  Your warm presence was the perfect holding ground for new entrepreneurs to leap from!

Asako Miyahara Kando

Private Practice Owner

Your way of energizing us, encouraging us, and facilitating was deeply appreciated and excellent.

Dr. Sarah Eaton

Leadership, Policy and Governance

Werklund School of Education

Jennifer’s professionalism is truly outstanding. The only thing that outshines it is her capacity to understand what others need, and then proceed to provide it for them in exactly the way they need it, using language that makes sense to them.  She has a rare combination of business acumen coupled with an innate sense of how to help others succeed. 

Mackenzie Costron


Find Your Voice Music Therapy

I had the privilege of attending Jennifer Buchanan’s entire business series and could not be more grateful for the continuous guidance, mentorship, and learning provided through these classes.  

Christine MacIsaac

Business Owner

Jennifer’s business classes were very informative as well as engaging. They provided many useful strategies that I look forward to continue implementing into my business. I appreciated Jennifer’s openness, warmth, guidance, and passion. 

Angela J. Lee

I feel so privileged to learn the 9 principles from your new book Wellness Incorporated. I will review it over and over as I embark on my next phase on becoming a health entrepreneur myself.

Jodie Haraldson, BSW

Child and Youth Counsellor

Brenda Stafford Centre

Your presentation was clear, informative and interesting.  I appreciated your warmth and engagement – and the stories kept things feeling real and connected to the heart of the work.  I feel much more confident moving forward.

Adrienne Pringle


Canadian Association for Music Therapy

Jennifer’s keynote was inspiring, informative and energizing – just what is needed at the end of a full-3 day conference. I was so proud to hear my colleague, (a music therapist accredited), move the audience: to their feet, to raucous laughter and to authentic tears in under 45 minutes. This is hands down the best conference keynote that I have experienced: bringing awareness to music therapists as health care professionals while providing an opportunity for the delegates to tune in to their own personal (and professional) musical connections – Bravo!

Mary McKeown


Jennifer has an incredible talent for music and for reading her audience.  Her passion for music and the joy and the therapy it brings, is seen in every move she makes.  She is incredibly understanding and patient with her clients, and has a beautiful spirit that is a pleasure to be around.  I just love her!



Tanya Groundwater

Trauma Therapist

Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

You are so organized, focused and results oriented! I felt like I was learning from a guru.

The Rebecca Review


Jennifer is a great story teller who effectively captures moments, making them fresh to the imagination.

Joanne Dorn

Executive Director

Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta

Jennifer(JB Music) has become a “brand name” within the special needs community and organizations within Calgary. Her expert knowledge and skill is only one of her many great abilities in the area of Music Therapy. She has created an outstanding team of staff to represent JB Music and this is evident in the therapy that is provided to all of their clients, not only do they gets lots of smiles and enjoyment from all their clients, but results at the same time. The reason that JB Music and its staff are so successful is because of the kind, friendly, energetic and supportive individual Jennifer is. Her passion and dedication is what makes a difference to each and everyone of her clients and business partners. It has been a pleasure working with Jennifer and I look forward to a continued relationship with her in the future.

Judy Arnall

Bestselling Author

“Discipline Without Distress”

Jennifer is a fabulous speaker who is engaging, warm and humorous. She is comfortable with any size of crowd and has the wonderful knack of putting people at ease and making them feel like a million dollars. I’m in awe of her confidence and immense knowledge of her subject.

Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA

Health Entrepreneur, Health Speaker

Jennifer Buchanan is a health speaker and health entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Since she became a certified music therapist almost three decades ago, the music therapy industry has shifted from not being a recognized industry at all to becoming a legislated profession. As a leading expert, Jennifer has lead and grown through each of these transitions, serving hundreds of organizations through her award winning company which she founded in 1991. 

JB Music Therapy Inc. has thrice been nominated for the Community Impact Award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce as well as received professional recognition awards from several of the organizations she serves including the Canadian Mental Health Association. Jennifer is the former president of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (1998-2001, 2013-2015) and is recognized as an esteemed leader in bridging academic research in music, medicine and the public.

She delivers every presentation with a warm, insightful and inspiring style. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at many universities and private institutes including nursing, music, arts, social work and business faculties and programs.

In her first book, Tune In, Jennifer educates the public on how music can reduce stress, boost mood and restore health at home, at work and during times of significant challenge. In her second book, Wellness Incorporated, Jennifer shares 9 strategies to help other health entrepreneurs strengthen their best practices for health business growth and development.

Jennifer has appeared in many media outlets, has her Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in social entrepreneurship, believes in a one-win everything model (ask her more about this) and is currently on the board of directors with the Famous 5 Foundation