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Examples of Correspondence during COVID-19

Hi All,

Like you, at the core of everything we do is for the care of our clients.  Here is some of the correspondence I have shared with my staff and our clients during this unique time.

Please note the most recent correspondences are at the top and I will keep this updated in this way over the next little while.  As you also know things are moving quickly.   Lots of new information every day.  The written, as well as verbal communication, between us and our clients has been important –  but I also know that too frequent can add to the feelings of overwhelm.

As I write this we have just learned that all schools have closed – that is 10% of our revenue.  I am already updating our meeting for tomorrow and planning our next steps.  Stay tuned 🙂


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are finding a few moments this weekend to rest and spend time with those you love. I am looking forward to connecting with you tomorrow either online or in-person.  We will make the circle a bit wider 🙂 Please see the previous email for how to join in online.

Here is our current agenda for tomorrow.

a) Opening Statement – Understanding our current environment – knowing that just like my fractured elbow it will get worse and then it will get better and we are #bettertogether

I love this article and I highly suggest you read this prior to our meeting.

b) Check-In – How are you?

c) Review our mid-month ‘Music Speaks’ e-news that will launch our new service – Online Music Therapy as previously discussed. I will review the procedures for this new service.

d) Here is a sample of our next email to current clients (it will be sent in addition to a mid-month newsletter.  I am open to revisions or additions.

We are thinking of you! We are always inspired by our clients but we are equally inspired by the staff we have the honour to serve beside.  We are here WITH you. Thank you for all you are doing to keep this community healthy and happy.

We Care! Our client’s health and safety are our primary concerns. For now, we are “business as usual” at JB Music Therapy but are taking all the extra precautions as identified by AHS.  This includes us sanitizing instruments between clients and working hard to manage any risk of infection.  We have a small but mighty team ready to help where they can and creatively work together to provide care.  Our sessions will remain very small.

We’re In This Together! If you visit us at our office, please use hand-sanitizer immediately upon arrival. Please respect the fact we support immunocompromised people. Do not visit our site if you are unwell, have recently travelled outside of Canada, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We Know Things are Changing!  We are paying close attention to the changes and will respond to your changing needs as well.  Let’s continue to communicate and work together.

We Have a Plan! As things evolve, we know there is a possibility our music therapy services and group programs may have to be suspended or modified. If that happens, we are implementing online music therapy services. We are only a call/email away.

We Need Your Support More Than Ever! Calgary is an amazing city that has an incredible spirit of togetherness in times of hardship and crisis – social isolation is NOT in our nature.  We are hoping we can work together to ensure other options are available to those in need of a boost of morale and a decrease in stress.  We feel our services can help with this effectively and efficiently.

Thank you for helping us continue to be a source of comfort and care during this time.

e) Supporting other Health Entrepreneurs.  I will be sharing how I am communicating with you, clients and staff with other Music Therapists and other Health Entrepreneur’s so people have some additional support.

f) Check-In Two – how are you feeling now?

g) My Promise:  to continue communicating frequently as things are rapidly changing.

See you tomorrow,





I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent earlier to our clients and that was cc’d to you. The letter we sent was well received and our professionalism has been noted by several clients.

As you are aware, because you listen to the news too, things keep escalating.   So far Canada has fared quite well but there may be shifts soon and I assume we are going to feel its impact. We will continue to take it one step at a time and will discuss further on Monday as we have the last two Mondays.

My hope is that we will continue seeing our clients, for many reasons but now also to heighten morale as best as we can.  It may get to the place where we need gloves and gowns and to not use any of our instruments etc…..we again will discuss this on Monday.  Regardless we will remain vigilant.

I hope you are not feeling nervous for your own health.  Make sure you continue to look after yourself.  If any of us do get sick we will kick it….and to do that we will do all the things we need to do to nurse a flu and we will text one another get well emojis.

I know a few of you are planning trips to other countries.  This seems to be the biggest concern for our clients.  All therapists traveling out of the country will need to self-quarantine for 14 days. I feel so badly it is coming to this.

I am working on our online MT page as we speak and am thinking about a few more ideas.  I welcome any you may have.  I want us to help one another so no one suffers badly – but to think we are not all going to be affected in some way is probably not realistic. However, I do know that I am going to do whatever it takes to mitigate as many problems as I can – I will, however, need everyone’s help.

For now, keep washing your instruments and hands.  Don’t feel you need to get too close to your clients. Do what you need to do to keep yourselves healthy.

We will discuss more on Monday and for those who are not in attendance you will receive follow up emails.  If you have any immediate questions please do not hesitate to connect with me directly.

In appreciation,



To Our Wonderful Clients!

Your health and well-being are our primary concern and JB Music Therapy is very careful to ensure we provide a safe service to all our clients.

Given that some of our clients may be immune-compromised we work hard to ensure that all instruments are sanitized and that our hands are washed and/or use hand sanitizer regularly.

Be assured that with the recent news regarding the coronavirus and other flu outbreaks, all of us at JB Music Therapy have worked to heighten this attention.

Dr. Laura McDougall, Senior Medical Officer of Health has advised that while the risk remains low, they are working daily with Alberta Health Services who are monitoring the situation along with the Federal Government and international colleagues. While the risk remains low in Alberta, we are paying very close attention to taking their advice with respect to best practices.

For now, the direction we are taking is to use the same practices recommended for protecting against all respiratory illnesses.

We are referring to the Respiratory Etiquette Guide and the Government of Canada website:

Please be assured that we will continue to pay careful attention to this issue and contact us should you have any questions or concerns.


Your JB Music Therapy Team