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The Health Entrepreneur’s HUB

When people ask you how its going, how do you answer? Do you feel good about your business? How is it you want to be feeling? Is your message being heard? Are you tired of trying “so hard?”

You are not alone. Maybe you feel uninspired, discouraged, and a little frustrated with the whole entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you’re feeling close to burn out (or maybe you’re already there). You have been looking for resources and strategies that are personalized for you and your business.

You’ve already read all the articles, listened in to all the podcasts and read the books but you’re not seeing the results. You are excited and productive for a short period of time and then find yourself stuck and don’t know where to go. You’re craving community, real solutions, new ideas, and fresh solutions.

I’ve been there. Trust me, you don’t do business for 20+ years without trying everything. I know the pain points and I have learned a solution (or six) to help you.When you sign up to be part of the Health Entrepreneur’s HUB you will get direct access to my experience and expertise to help you develop, grow, change, adapt and strategize your sustainable, values-driven health business for many years to come. Your clients need you!

The best thing you can do for your business (and your clients) is to invest in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Take some time and really dive into your business plan, your signature story (why you do what you do) and learn how to reach your dream clients.

The quickest way to get where you want to be is to be with like-minded people who will help you get there. I can’t wait to work with you!

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Miya Adout

Health Entrepreneur

I was so happy to join Jennifer’s Health Entrepreneur’s Hub where I redefined my mission, vision, and values, my company culture, and created a well-structured business plan. Jennifer helped me to determine my goals for the year, one of which was to work with 5 new long-term care facilities by the end of the year. I’m so glad to say that this has been achieved! I know that I will be working with Jennifer for years to come. Her experience, matched with her warmth and genuine caring, make her an unmatched coach and mentor!

  • Drive Your Dream forward – feel confident in what your business stands for
  • Strengthen Your Expertise – hello imposter syndrome
  • Maximize Your Message – why you do what you do
  • Scale for Impact – manage your money and learn to think big
  • Build in the Spirit of Equity – free yourself from barriers
  • Clear the Path – get the right mindset
  • Secure Your Health – self-care isn’t just a cliche
  • Find Your Blisspoint – find that moment of pure satisfaction that your hard work has paid off
  • Leave a Legacy Ahead – what will you leave behind

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  • 9 online classes addressing the 9 key principles to a values-driven business.
  • All classes will be recorded and available until the end of the course.
  • A private and interactive online forum – where the discussion will ensue between classmates and many additional resources and optional assignments will be shared.
  • In addition to all the group coaching, you receive 1 private coaching session – just for you! (you can sign up for a time that works in your schedule.

Throughout the course you will be working directly with Jennifer to grow your business, connect more closely with your community, increase your revenue, and build the best systems for your unique business.

The Wellness Incorporated workbook (fillable PDF). This is the companion to the ‘Wellness Incorporated‘ book that can be purchased here.


Drive Your Dream


Strengthen Your Expertise


Maximize Your Message

At the heart of every business is the dream, the mission to be shared with the world. A business that focuses on community-impact measures its success not by revenue but by the difference it makes. Sharing this difference is truly the heart of the work for the health entrepreneur. Applying a mindset that “breaks through” barriers of worry and low confidence is critical for the health entrepreneur’s success. Focusing on weaknesses only brings increased anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Being an expert in your field offers many benefits. You feel more confident and believe in your ability to succeed, which increases your likelihood of success, as well as your reputation, network, and credibility. To become an expert requires investment and a commitment to life-long learning. I have been reminded frequently “if your company is not growing, it’s dying.” For the health entrepreneur, developing a meaningful message and plan that will gain momentum over time can be far more important than focusing on profits. When the health entrepreneur executes their messaging strategy well, they share their dream, and the company’s expertise will attract more customers.


Scale for Impact


Build in the Spirit of Equity


Clear the Path

Scaling can be the most difficult part of growing any company. Entrepreneurs, in general, tend to think big, and at some point scaling becomes vital to maximize the desired impact. Managing finances including cash flow and profit usage are critical during this stage. The health entrepreneur draws strength from their mission, leading to growth.
Equalityas well-intentioned as its pursuit may be—often mistakenly assumes that we begin at the same starting line, and is often misunderstood as “treating everyone the same.” Equity is when everyone has the resources and tools they need to feel equal. When you infuse a spirit of equity into your business opportunities, everyone experiences freedom from barriers.   Without the right mindset, everything becomes more difficult than it needs to be—and may at times seem impossible. Mindset determines the choices we believe we have, and the choices we believe we have determined the choices we make. The right mindset, which can be understood as a clear path, helps health entrepreneurs move from feeling stuck to seeing a way forward.


Secure Your Health


Find Your Blisspoint


Leave a Legacy Ahead

Promoting wellness in yourself, in the company culture, and among the entire team brings vibrancy and longevity to the services you provide. When running a health-centered business, it’s vital to prioritize self-care in order to achieve greater outcomes. The better we feel, the better work we provide. The better work we do, the greater our impact.
Used more commonly in the formulation of food products, the bliss point is the ratio of ingredients, such as salt, sugar and fat, to optimize deliciousness. The bliss point of a health service business is the perfect blend of values that fuels your good work. Identifying the values-junction will bring clarity to decision-making, contributing to a feeling of bliss. Leaving a legacy is about giving the best of yourself until the very end, never letting the challenges or the difficult decisions diminish your good work. The health entrepreneur is inspired by the fact that what is done today will continue to impact people in the future. It’s not what we leave behind; it’s what we leave ahead.


This complete program will help you grow your business, feel more at ease, how to scale your staff and supports, build confidence in your business knowledge, and amplify your desired message and mission – all the while building a values-driven business that will last.

You will learn the key steps to a sustainable, values-driven business. You will discover the true value of what you have to offer the world and what that means to your clients.  There is no ‘one way’ to be successful, but if you work on the 9 key principles you will find the right processes for you.

With each business step you take, you will gain new perspectives on your work as a health entrepreneur, feel more passionate about your business even through the inevitable difficult times, and continually make a positive difference in your client’s lives.

I look forward to getting to know you while showing you a clear path to your values-driven business!

PS. If this group isn’t your groove, I also offer 1:1 coaching.