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Ingredients for a Blissful Business

Wellness Incorporated was designed to bring an ease to entrepreneurs as they build, manage and lead their health business. Ease – the word that would often strike me during some of my most challenging decisions.  I have always loved my work but there have been many times I have wished the work was easier.  

As we learned in the first blog post of this series – blisspoint is a term used in the food industry to blend 3 key elements (fat, sugar and salt) into a perfect recipe that pleases its taster. When I consider the word ‘bliss’ I also interpret it as central to accessing optimum wellness.

This got me thinking – what would happen if we could find the perfect ingredients for business that would increase the entrepreneur’s craving for their own company? Even during the difficult times.  A recipe that would bring an ease about our work, while also ensuring our company’s sustainability.

A couple years back I read about Jed Emerson’s concept of “blended value” – a way to assess the health of a company. Whether for-profit or non-profit, Emerson suggested entrepreneurs pay attention to three areas: the company’s economic returns along with its’ social and environmental impact.  By paying attention to all three areas he suggested a more successful and impactful company.

Taking this into consideration I thought about what I, as the owner/operator needed – what 3 ingredients, when blended together, would help me reach my desired state of making a significant difference, and leaving a legacy ahead. 

I began to look at the core elements of a health service business, essentially everything companies must consider and often include in their business plan (ie. a well defined mission and client attraction and retention plan). I then added in necessary considerations for the health of the owner, including self-care measures and creating a positive work environment for all involved (wellness starts at the top and must permeate throughout the organization). I topped it off with looking at the requirements for creating a sustainable business that will impact the community positively, bringing a cycle of joy back to the owner to ensure the work continues for many more years.  

I grouped all these needs/requirements/elements under 3 categories.  The 3 ingredients I feel are necessary to find your business blisspoint: 

Heart, Health, and Mastery.

Heart comes by many names – vision, passion, purpose, drive…..the ‘what’ or ‘who’ you are fighting for…the reason you do what you do even when you feel challenged or tired. A strong heart helps guide the health entrepreneur to their next step.

Health is literally the health of YOU and your company – not only the financial well-being but the emotional wellness of you and your team. Strong health ensures longevity of the health entrepreneur and of their good work.

Mastery is how good you are at what you do.  It is ultimately the quality of the service your customers receive. Well-developed mastery ensures best service, quality work, and ultimately changed lives.

Together these elements bring the entrepreneur feelings of purpose, vibrancy and achievement – feelings you can’t help but want more of.

Each individual ingredient is important. If you are missing even one of them, or it is in a weakened state you and your business will not thrive.  All three must be finely tuned and regularly strengthened if you hope to achieve bliss.

Over the next several blogs we will dig into each of them, how to measure their success, and how to ensure they are working efficiently together.