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Music and your Mental Health

When Words Are Not Enough

I had booked Jennifer as a closing keynote speaker for an Annual Conference. Right from the start when we spoke I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and keen interest in our event. She made some recommendations on what she could add and customize to the closing keynote presentation to end the conference with a WOW factor. She delivered on her promise, and her warmth and engaging style captivated the audience, and we all learned from what she shared. As a meeting planner, I've witnessed many keynote presenters and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jennifer for any event.

Ingrid Norrish

Joy Fox Award Recipient

Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

When words are not enough, let music start the conversation. 

Music is universal. Across all cultures, human beings seek the power of music to connect, create, and soothe. In times of joy and in times of grief, music holds great power. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to enhance all areas of your life in a positive way.

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I’ve worked with incarcerated adults, at-risk youth, and seniors living with dementia, using music as a pathway to strengthening mood, memory and motivation at any age. The power of music can have a more significant impact on your health than most people realize.

Through a collection of powerful real-life examples, research, and implementation strategies this presentation will unite your audience, leaving them inspired that they, too, can enhance their well-being by leveraging the power of music.

  • Hear case studies demonstrating how the intentional use of music is an effective and proven tool that can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Learn fun and exciting ways to support the mental health and overall wellness of your team.
  • Gain practical music-based strategies to improve overall wellness at home and work.

Music helps us process life’s significant challenges and inevitable transitions. When words are not enough, let music start the conversation.

Download the ‘Music for your Mental Health’ presentation one-pager to share at your next conference planning meeting.

Rave Reviews

Don Felder

Lead Guitar Player


Jennifer, through her work, has touched many people in ways that could only be accomplished with both her special gift and her music.   Thank you Jennifer for giving me, and all those that have had the benefit of hearing you, one of the most heart warming experiences of my life.

Helen Reilly

Project Management and Communication

Hospice Palliative Care Conference

Nothing short of inspiring! The lasting impact and calm energy she brings resonates with delegates long after they leave the room – equipping them to approach their work with a renewed perspective and appreciation for the value of music in their personal and professional lives.


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