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When Words Are Not Enough

Music and Your Mental Health

Music is one of the most efficient and effective ways to make a positive impact on all areas of your life. All cultures make music, and during times of crisis we seek its power to connect, create and soothe.

For almost three decades, Music Therapist and Author Jennifer Buchanan has worked with at-risk youth, incarcerated adults, and senior’s living with dementia using music as a pathway to boosting their mental health. In this seminar we will explore the connection between music and mental health and why music’s power may hold more potential than you realize.

In this thought-provoking session you will:

  • Hear empowering case studies that demonstrate how music, when used with intention, can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • Learn fun and interesting ways that music supports our mental health and overall wellness.
  • Gain practical music-based strategies to strengthen your wellness at home and work.

Music can be a communication bridge, one that can help you express and process your greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis. When words are not enough, let music start the conversation.

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Amber Postma

Benefits and Payroll

PetroChina Canada

Jennifer is such a talented music therapist, a wonderful speaker, and really knowledgeable professional who sent everyone away with brand new knowledge and respect for how your music choices can absolutely affect almost all aspects of life for the better.

David Rodwell

D.E. Rodwell Investigative Services Ltd.

Jennifer your performance at the D42 Toastmasters National Conference was simply spectacular. It has been a long time since I have seen a speaker connect with an audience as well as you did this morning. You had them laughing and crying and the message was beautiful. You have crafted one of the best presentations I have seen and I have seen a number. One of your best traits was the ability to adlib to meet the situations that were happening in the crowd of about 500 people. Outstanding job, and I highly recommend to any organization that want a dynamic speaker with a positive message.

*Read about Jennifer in the ‘Huffington Post’ speaking to Music and Mental Health



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