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Sentimental Journey

Why Music Connects with People Living with Dementia

In this presentation, we will explore the connection between music and dementia, explaining how music can efficiently retrieve lost memories and ignite new ones.

In the face of concerning statistics, and until a cure is found, society is looking for ways to best care for the symptoms of dementia.  Through inspiring stories and the latest evidence, music will be featured as the most effective and efficient channel in helping people feel safe, secure, and connected to their moment. 

  • Hear inspirational case studies that demonstrate how music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety for individuals living with dementia…..and their care partners.
  • Learn the research and clinical evidence of how music supports individuals living with dementia and wellness.
  • Gain practical strategies to strengthen the use of music to improve your mood and calm your nerves.

Music is key to living well with dementia.

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Patricia Morgan


Solutions for Resilience

My heart was broken open. Jennifer Buchanan paints a picture of the tender moments music can help create and demonstrates its calming effects. She provides a simple, yet profound explanation of the distress reduction effect music can have. You can deliberately choose your music to bring you to calm. Jennifer shows the way.


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