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O Canada!

Can Music Therapy Lower the National Crime Rate?

Working in forensics, trauma, and community mental health programs for over 20 years has made me question a lot of things. The most important question being – what will truly make a difference?  You hear about how people are being made more aware of mental health needs, how the circle of violence affects families and friends, and that entire societies are concerned about their citizen’s well-being.  Years ago I jokingly asked myself ‘could the work of a music therapist take a bite out of crime?’

Today, I have stopped joking.  I have witnessed first hand the transformations that can happen during a single session.  I have heard participants say they have had significant breakthroughs and felt changed. But is this enough? I definitely do not have all the answers but I have begun to formulate some of the questions I feel we need to be asking to increase our frequency of music therapy’s use and results.

In this presentation the participants will learn:

  • more about music therapy’s potential within the environments I have served including forensics, trauma, and mental health.
  • ideas for creating sustainable and useful programs/interventions within your existing services.
  • considerations for using music and its non-verbal processing strengths to establish well-developed relationships in short periods of time.
  • the research we (music therapists and others) have collected so far, and ideas of where we need to go from here.
  • and finally, I will address what self-care regime I feel is necessary for all professionals in these areas and how music can help the helpers. 

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O CANADA! Can Music Therapy Lower the Crime Rate?