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Discussions and Interviews about Music, Playlists, Productivity and Corporate Performance with Jennifer Buchanan.

2022-03-31  The Talkin’ Blues Podcast – on Podbean

2022-02-25 – The Borderline -Power Of A Playlist – with Brian Tremblay

2022-02-15 The Pandemy Show – Thread Kindness in Everything We Do – on PlayerFM

2022-02-13 Welcome to the Music with hosts Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston – on SoundCloud

2022-02-12 The Wellness Prescription with Dr. Claudia – on Audible

2022-02-03 Hue at Home with Tracy Koga

2022-01-31 No Sleep Til Sudbury with Brent Jensen

2021-12-09  On SiriusXM with Eric Alper

2021-12-18  Minter Dialogue – How Music Can Be the Tonic – on Audible

2021-10-21 The Working Well Podcast with Tim Borys

2021-09-26 Locker Room for Growth – Music Therapy for the Masses on Spreaker by iHeart Radio

2021-09-04  Stark Reflections with Wellness, Wellplayed – on Apple Podcasts

2021-04-14 The Future of Unwanted Change with Todd Hirsch from ATB Financial

2019-07-19 How to Foster Wellness in Organizations: Frontrunner Podcast Series on the Wiley Network

2016-01-25 Music: Medicine of the Soul on VoiceAmerica