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The First Ingredient to Finding your Bliss – HEART

Well, we are finally ready to dive into the necessary 3 ingredients in the #blisspointseries. The first ingredient may be no surprise – it is HEART.

The heart of your work is the heart of your business—your purpose. It makes your business deeply personal, meaningful, and unique; it drives you through the dark and difficult times. It is what your clients ultimately buy in to.

We always seem to rail against the heart when we need to make our next decision. My hunch is that your purpose resonates deeply with your company’s core values, and probably goes a step further, aligning with your personal values too.

When we provide a service or product in a manner that makes our customers feel deeply connected to our brand, be it by giving them an opportunity to understand the impact of their purchase or by ensuring every service we provide is focused on their needs, that connection becomes very difficult to break. In a purpose-driven business, we strive to ensure these connections are formed, strengthened, and authenticated. Our business needs to be completely aligned with our purpose, and our purpose needs to fully express this value—our heart.

My company provides a large and growing variety of services in the healthcare and education fields. Each segment uses different terminology and has different needs. For example, one group may focus on music therapy’s ability to rehabilitate speech after a stroke, while another looks at how it can boost mood from depression. Our purpose is to bring personalized music therapy to every person we serve, regardless of their age or ability. One way we express our heart is in our service specialization. Personalization can be very expensive; however, because of this model, our customers keep coming back. The service makes them feel good.

The late Warren Bennis, a pioneer in leadership studies, said that “at the heart of every great group is a shared dream.” As the owner, there are times when I need to reconnect with my purpose so I can continue to share it. The fastest way for me to connect with our company’s heart has been to get back to the front lines. When I step into the field and watch our team work, there is no denying the reason for why we do what we do. Taking this time to transport myself into the purpose of my business gives me a tremendous amount of clarity and helps me make better decisions and solve problems with greater ease. It fuels me with the energy and spirit I need when leading our company into the next stage of its journey.

The most important consideration to ensure your HEART continues to beat so all can hear it is:

Stand behind what you believe.

In order for employees to embrace the company values, they must see them in action – from me, the owner. I must reflect our mission in everything we do — from sales to marketing to team meetings to the implementation of our services.  This is not always easy.

By building up people’s strengths and maintaining good relationships through our work, our mission takes a lot of emotional energy.  In order for me to stand behind what I believe I must also ensure the second ingredient ‘health’ is well in order.

We will discuss this more next month.

Tell me, what’s at the heart if you’re business?  Send me an email: