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The Second Ingredient to Finding your Bliss – HEALTH

The #blisspointseries is for entrepreneurs looking to grow or find greater ease in their practice and small business. It is about taking the necessary steps to identify the perfect blend of values and their attached strategies. It is about helping you solve the inevitable problems and challenges more efficiently and effectively. It is about ensuring you never feel trapped or paralyzed again, able to take the next steps that will strengthen your company. 

In our last blog post, we looked at the first necessary ingredient to finding our blisspoint – HEART. The heart of your company expresses your purpose and how it drives you through the dark and difficult times. The second ingredient to finding your blisspoint is HEALTH. 

Health can mean many things. In this blog series it includes the following: 

  • the health and well-being of the health entrepreneur – the health practitioner who owns and manages their own business (check out the blog – who is a health entrepreneur? – and Wellness Incorporated dedicates an entire chapter to securing your own health);
  • the retention and well-being of clients;
  • the retention and well-being of staff; 
  • the well-being of the environment and the community in which we operate;
  • our company’s resilience and sustainability;
  • our current and future financial position.

Out of the three blisspoint elements – heart, health, and mastery – this is definitely the ingredient I place the majority of my emotional and physical energy – not because I am doing well but because it is the most unnatural of the three ingredients for me and so requires more work, supports, learning, and resources. My personal health and my financial health are often secondary to my passion, dream, and expertise. Therefore if I am to find my blisspoint and succeed I always need to give more attention to my health.

There are many things we can do to improve our health:

  • Meet with a financial planner/analyst/expert (pro tip: you should feel inspired and open to making changes when you leave their office);
  • Hire a business coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, spiritual support;
  • Get more of the right friends and invest time in them;
  • Hug your partner or dog for a really long time;
  • Listen to your staff – what do they need to feel healthy so they can continue doing the good work they love to do.

I grew up with a single mom who at one time worked three jobs while making me feel cared for each and every day. I don’t know how she did it all.  I look back on those days, that I am sure were difficult for her with extreme admiration. What my mom has taught me is how important it is to remain healthy (physically and financially) so you can be present for those you love. Yes, she worked hard but she had a way to also put her attention to ensuring we had a home, food, school supplies and could attend every one of my band concerts. These things and actions made me feel cared for and connected.

The health entrepreneur who is in pursuit of their blisspoint will look at their company’s entire health –  the potential harm of their choices along with the positive contributions they make. In my lifetime, I have struggled in all areas of my health at some point or other – personal health, financial health and the cultural health of our team.  I believe we must remain vigilant in all areas of our health.  Like my mom, the working hard comes naturally for me – but that doesn’t mean I am always working the smartest. At times I may not be delegating enough nor circling myself with the right people and tools.  With the right supports and resources, I know I can continue to improve my knowledge and skills in this area a bit every day.  I believe we all can.

Next blog post in the #blisspointseries I will look at the last ingredient to help mitigate your challenges – achieving MASTERY.