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Wellness Retreats

Music changes our brain and the way we view the world. Music boosts our mood, enhances our performance, and reduces stress – but it must be used in the right way. Jennifer will show you and your team how.

The music we use, and how we respond to the music in our life, is unique to everyone regardless of age, ability, or affluence – it 100% depends on your preferences and your preferences depend on your musical histories, interests, age, ability, and personal interests. This retreat is packed with successful strategies to help employees use music with greater intention,  so you can maximize your music (and your health) at home and work.

During this one or two-day retreat you will

    1. relax your mind and lower our stress, open up your learning reserves.
    2. develop your personal soundtrack and purposeful playlists to create a more vibrant and interesting year ahead.
    3. stimulate creativity by increasing blood and oxygen flow to your brain.
    4. inspire feelings that may have been laying dormant and holding you back.
    5. change your emotional state – for the better. Perhaps even helping you move from a negative or resistant emotional state to a more positive learning state.
    6. anchor the moment, help our brain to remember and maintain important information and data for later recall.
    7. connect to those around you – with the release of dopamine (feel good hormone) and oxytocin (trust hormone), mix in the right music and you will feel more engaged with your colleagues….. and even with those you are in the process of getting to know better.

Tanya Groundwater

Trauma Therapist

Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

You are so organized, focused and results oriented! I felt like I was learning from a guru.