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Wellness, Wellplayed

The Art of Securing your Health 

For many, being good at their job can give them a sense of achievement or satisfaction. But what happens when you are no longer satisfied or feeling burned out?  This presentation will help you find the“right’ care to support your desired outcomes.

Features of this presentation

  • Get inspired to fight for your health and the health of your business/organization.
  • Learn how to push past the fear and challenges of change and be open to more hope and optimism.
  • Gain practical strategies on dealing with fatigue, burnout and low productivity.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Healthcare or Wellness Professionals
  • Educational Professionals
  • Healthcare or Wellness Business Owners
  • Business Leaders & Executives
  • Small or Medium Business Owners

Self-care is not an indulgence or a trendy pastime; it has to do with taking time to be a human being as well as a human doing. With almost 30 years of experience running an award-winning healthcare business, Jennifer has learned that’s its not just about taking time for self care, its about identifying what works best for you.

Wellness Well-Played looks at how self care can be different for every person but still deliver benefits that address all necessary physical, mental and emotional needs.  Jennifer will share insights from some of her most challenging times as well as stories that have inspired her along the way – the moments that reminded her that the ‘job’ and ‘herself’ were both worth fighting for.

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