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Why Should I Find my Business Blisspoint?

For the next 10 blogs (1 a month) I will be digging deeper into one chapter in Wellness Incorporate’ – Chapter 8 – ‘Find Your Blisspoint’.

This ‘Blisspoint Series’ is for entrepreneurs looking to grow or find greater ease in their practice and small business. It is also to help you build a company your customers crave. This alliteration will make more sense when we answer our first question:

What is a Blisspoint?

Blisspoint is a term more commonly used in the formulation of food products. It is the amount and blend of certain ingredients, such as salt, sweetness, and fat, that creates optimal deliciousness. Finding my organization’s blisspoint meant locating the perfect intersection of fulfilling purpose (meeting our mission), organizational health (client and staff retention), and recognized good work (excellent customer service). I coined this intersection our business blisspoint, as the space between where our values—heart, health, and mastery—are in perfect harmony. 

When health entrepreneurs get their blisspoint’s proportions right, customers begin to crave our services. In my opinion, it is 100 percent the leader’s job to establish and ensure the business’s values are communicated, in word and deed, to every stakeholder including partners, board members, staff, clients and their families. The expression of these values may change over time, but the values themselves need to remain the cornerstones to the success of your good work. 

If you want to keep your customers and employees coming back for more? 

You must find their bliss. 

If you want to keep being inspired by your business? 

You must find yours. 

In moments when I’ve felt tired, I’ve wondered whether there could be a “perfect blend” for the health entrepreneur that would consistently generate a certain percentage of growth or success. 

What would it be like to create a recipe that could bring forth greater community impact at every turn? How about developing a process or template that could be replicated by others? Instinctively, I felt there must be a way to do just that.

To find that perfect blend, I needed to look back to when I started my company and recognize the values I had carried forth through the decades.I needed to look at the bottlenecks and what caused the problems. I also need to relive the many solutions I considered and moved forward on.  

I reviewed old marketing materials, original business plans, my first budget, archived photos of past clients, and our annual reports. This walk down memory lane showed me that although I would have done many things differently our core values were always there. 

This series will explore these core-values and what it takes to strengthen them continually. It will also identify what will happen if you don’t.