Harmonizing Generations: When All Ages Explore the Magic of Music Together

Harmonizing Generations: When All Ages Explore the Magic of Music Together Imagine sitting at a family or friend gathering, with many generations in attendance – from seven to eighty-seven. Imagine while you are sitting around a large table the host asks the simple question: “What music have you been drawn to lately” What would YOUR […]

Music and our Mental Health – When to see a Music Therapist

As we blast a beloved rock classic at a party, press play on an energizing pop anthem in the car, or soothe our broken hearts to the strains of a sad ballad there is no denying the power of music to foster change. What you may not know is that the health benefits of music, […]

Top 25 Songs That Bring Us Comfort

For generations, people all over the world have turned to music to induce calmness and relaxation. Studies have shown that listening to music can have stress-reducing qualities, and this has been compiled in a systematic review and meta-analysis.  In brief, there are several ways in which music can help to bring us comfort:   Music […]

How to Use Music to Boost Your Team’s Mood and Productivity

Do you sometimes (or often) feel you need a boost at work? The music industry has proof that you should listen to music while you work. In a study commissioned by the UK licensing organizations PPL and PRS for Music, 77 percent of businesses surveyed found that playing music in the workplace increased staff morale […]

3 Ways Music Can Help Us Feel More Connected

A landmark survey from the 1980s showed that lack of social connectedness predicts vulnerability to disease and death, above more well-known risk factors such as smoking, blood pressure, and physical activity. Yet, 40 years later it seems that opportunities for social bonding are shrinking not growing. What are we still missing? Although just one piece of […]

3 Steps to Creating a Purposeful Playlist that will Inspire your Year!

The beginning of the year signals reflecting on our past year as well as goal setting for our envisioned path this new year. Music Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Creating a playlist can give VISION to our AUDITORY diet. Music can add meaning to moments…and in this case, I hope it will support you […]

The Top 25 Songs that Motivate Professional Speakers

Music is an invitation to action. It invites you into the main auditorium when you’re attending a conference, it generates anticipation as the theme song plays at the start of your favorite TV show, it cues your mind and body to prepare you for the next movement at the gym. If you are feeling stuck […]