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Coaching for Health Entrepreneurs

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I’d love the opportunity to work together and help you grow the business of your dreams! Whether that be through my Book, the Health Entrepreneur’s HUB (group classes) or through Personal Coaching 1:1 I’d be honored to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Personal coaching is a private session just for you – the health entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, private practitioner, the small business owner or anyone who desires to grow your sustainable, values-driven health business for many more years to come – because your clients need you!

Are you feeling stuck?….again?  Are you looking for a new idea or a new lens to solve a difficult or recurring problem? Do you need new resources and inspiration to strengthen your practice and/or leadership skills?

I have owned and operated my practice for 28 years.  Today we are a team of 21.  We provide mobile services as well as we have a clinic.  We serve over 165 organizations and many individuals each week.  It is a lot to be responsible for….it is challenging at times… has caused me a lot of stress over the years…but today…..I can honestly say….it is mostly a lot of fun and we are making the difference I have always dreamed about.

I have tested many of the ideas that are out there for business.  Some have worked and some just didn’t fit my business model as a health entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a coach with fresh ideas to problems, who has a sense of humor, and the experience to help you I would love to meet you!

Sessions are available in person, via skype, facetime or telephone.

Areas I will support you in:

  • The first steps – everything you need to start up
  • Inspiration, mission and vision development
  • Creating an exciting business plan that you will use
  • Strategic growth planning for more community impact
  • Sales and marketing that create momentum messaging
  • System development that cures problems
  • Innovation to move through a crisis
  • Culture improvement so you love to spend time with those you work with
  • Team leadership even on days your confidence has been rattled
  • Partner and network development
  • Feedback loops for success (evaluating impact and finance fitness)

I believe when we experience the right information, in the right way, transformation can happen – a boost in motivation, a shift in mindset and overall confidence of having faith in the next steps.  

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Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA

Health Entrepreneur, Health Speaker

Jennifer Buchanan is a health speaker and health entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Since she became a certified music therapist almost three decades ago, the music therapy industry has shifted from not being a recognized industry at all to becoming a legislated profession. As a leading expert, Jennifer has lead and grown through each of these transitions, serving hundreds of organizations through her award winning company which she founded in 1991. 

JB Music Therapy Inc. has thrice been nominated for the Community Impact Award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce as well as received professional recognition awards from several of the organizations she serves including the Canadian Mental Health Association. Jennifer is the former president of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (1998-2001, 2013-2015) and is recognized as an esteemed leader in bridging academic research in music, medicine and the public.

She delivers every presentation with a warm, insightful and inspiring style. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at many universities and private institutes including nursing, music, arts, social work and business faculties and programs.

In her first book, Tune In, Jennifer educates the public on how music can reduce stress, boost mood and restore health at home, at work and during times of significant challenge. In her second book, Wellness Incorporated, Jennifer shares 9 strategies to help other health entrepreneurs strengthen their best practices for health business growth and development.

Jennifer has appeared in many media outlets, has her Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in social entrepreneurship, believes in a one-win everything model (ask her more about this) and is currently on the board of directors with the Famous 5 Foundation