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Tune In Key.Note

Improve your Mood, Memory and Motivation.

There are so many ways music can lift our spirits, alleviate our pain, and make us feel better. This presentation offers healthcare, corporate, not-for-profit and education teams a much-needed shared mental health boost and shows your valued people how to feel and function better, at home, at work, and in their daily lives. 

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Music for Mental Health

When Words Are Not Enough

I’ve worked with incarcerated adults, at-risk youth, and seniors living with dementia, using music as a pathway to strengthening mood, memory and motivation. The power of music can have a more significant impact on mental health than most people realize.

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Virtual Seminars

Wellness, Wellplayed

The Power of a Playlist

Let your mind drift to the last song that always played at your school dances. The mixtape your best friend made for you. The guitar riff that always reminds you of summer…

Behind every favourite song is an untold story. . And when you pull those stories together in a playlist, the results can be transformational.

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Wellness Incorporated

Making a Difference Through Music.

How a little music therapy company is making a big impact on their community – and how you can too! Health and wellness businesses have unique challenges, opportunities, and goals. Jennifer Buchanan will show you how you can deliver your service in a way that blends heart, health and mastery.

After running her practice for twenty years, even with thousands of clients and loyal staff, she felt burned out and not sure if her business would make it. Rather than quit, Buchanan went on an intense quest to prove her company’s viability and identify the key components of sustainable healthcare practices.

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