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Keynote Presentations

Since becoming a certified music therapist almost three decades ago Jennifer and her team have served hundreds of organizations through her award-winning company JB Music Therapy, which she founded in 1991. The following presentations inspire audiences on how music and values-based best practices can make a significant difference in organizations of any size and individual lives.

TUNE IN – Why Music Improves Memory, Mood, and Motivation

We understand that when people feel well, they perform better in all areas of their lives – in their work, relationships, health, and overall life satisfaction. This presentation is about how MUSIC may hold more potential than we realize in helping us reach all these aims regardless of our current circumstance.  Learn more.

MUSIC FOR MENTAL HEALTH – Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

In this presentation Jennifer explores the connection between music and mental health, explaining why music’s power may hold more potential than we realize. Learn how music can become a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis. Learn more.

WELLNESS INCORPORATED – When a Business Makes a Difference

‘What would my business look like if it was good for my client, my community, and me?’  This is the ultimate question for every entrepreneur who desires to be sustainable AND make a difference.  It is about making a one-win-everything business. Learn more.

MUSIC & AGING – A Sound Connection to Feeling Good

Music is a powerful source of joy and comfort as we age. When words fail, music provides a way for people to connect with others and engage with memories, future experiences and life’s many emotions along the journey. Learn More.

YOUR SONG – Purposeful Playlists for Mental Wellness

Many have witnessed the benefits of music to enhance performance, improve mood or to ease stress. Let’s leverage this knowledge an use it in the workplace purposefully and intentionally. Technology has changed enough over the last decade to allow us to take our entire music library with us and to arrange it into playlists for particular goals. Learn More.