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Jennifer Buchanan

transform your mental health with the power of music

A Keynote to Encourage and Inspire your Frontline Workers

Jennifer's signature opening and closing keynotes educate and inspire while ensuring a very memorable conference for all in attendance.

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The Most Effective Way to Boost Mood After a Crisis

Music can be a communication bridge, one that can help you express and process your greatest life challenges, stressful transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis. When words are not enough, let music start the conversation.

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Build a Sustainable Private Practice with 'Wellness Incorporated'

The essential guide for every entrepreneur in the health and wellness field—whether for-profit or non-profit, public or private.

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The Best Way to 'Tune In' to your Health and Well-being.

Tune In is an introduction to what music therapists do. It also details 10 strategies to incorporate music more intentionally in all our lives – to curb stress, boost morale and restore health.

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Christian Hall

National Program Manager

Harvard Broadcasting

Warning! Jennifer’s passion for Music Therapy is extremely contagious – in a very good way. Anyone who’s ever spent time with her immediately wants to support the amazing work her and other music therapists provide.