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Jennifer Buchanan

Inspirational Speaker. Author. Music Therapist

Transforming Lives One Note at a Time

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Let me tell you why music can improve your mood, memory, and motivation!

Since starting a music therapy company almost three decades ago the dedicated team of music therapists at JB Music Therapy have served hundreds of organizations through our award-winning company.

My signature keynote includes inspirational stories about why MUSIC holds more potential than we realize in helping all of us – regardless of our current circumstance. In so many ways music is simple — it brings more meaning into moments. In so many ways music is complex — it’s interaction with the brain, it’s effects on our mood, and it’s many connections to life events. 

This unique and compelling presentation will leave your group feeling connected, informed and highly inspired.


Complete Listing of All Presentations

Jennifer's signature opening and closing keynotes educate and inspire while ensuring a very memorable conference for all in attendance.

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Want to Discuss Scaling your Health Business?

I've been building mine for almost 30 years. I offer coaching to health entrepreneurs, private practitioners and small business owners!

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My Background and Beliefs

Since becoming a certified music therapist almost three decades ago our team has served hundreds of organizations through our award-winning company JB Music Therapy.

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Upcoming Events

Join me on my national travels including corporate wellness trainings, healthcare conventions, and educational seminars.

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Christian Hall

National Program Manager

Harvard Broadcasting

Warning! Jennifer’s passion for Music Therapy is extremely contagious – in a very good way. Anyone who’s ever spent time with her immediately wants to support the amazing work her and other music therapists provide.