The Top 25 Songs that Motivate Professional Speakers

Music is an invitation to action. It invites you into the main auditorium when you’re attending a conference, it generates anticipation as the theme song plays at the start of your favorite TV show, it cues your mind and body to prepare you for the next movement at the gym.

If you are feeling stuck music is a sure friend, and a powerful tool that can help you turn it around.

Music activates more areas of the brain simultaneously than any other activity we know of, and for this reason, music is effective in engaging our attention and getting us going.

Music can also change the way we perceive the world, making it more positive and uplifting by releasing a concoction of hormones and neurotransmitters that flood the system with good vibes.

When it comes to  finding the right motivation it is best to experiment with different musical preferences until you find the perfect partner to help your performance. However, to get the inspriation started I thought I would ask a very special group what songs gets them going.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers is a dedicated group who motivate, inspire and inform audiences for a living. For this reason I couldn’t think of a better group to survey what music motivates them most as they prepare to impact others, doing what some call the most intimidating job in the world – public speaking.

Survey Results

Forty-five professional speakers responded and voted for their choices for the top twenty-five songs that motivate them in their day-to-day work, and for the stage.

In this blog post you will find the outcome from the survey that I am certain will not disappoint. 

Below please find the top twenty-five songs (plus runner-ups) that motive professional speakers in Canada, shared here as inspriation for you to come up with your own Top 25.

Here are the top 25 songs that motivate!
  1. Eye of the Tiger: Survivor
  2. I’m Still Standing: Elton John
  3. Uptown Funk: Bruno Mars
  4. Happy: Pharrell Williams
  5. Don’t Stop Believin’: Journey
  6. Can’t Stop This Feeling: Justin Timberlake
  7. Hit Me with your Best Shot: Pat Benetar
  8. Walking on Sunshine: Katrina and the Waves
  9. Brave: Sara Bareilles
  10. Right Now: Van Halen
  11. Don’t Stop til You Get Enough: Michael Jackson
  12. Unstoppable: Sia
  13. Lose Yourself: Eminem
  14. You Should be Dancing: Bee Gees
  15. Shut Up and Dance with Me: Walk the Moon 
  16. We are Young: Fun, featuring Janelle Monae
  17. Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down): Chumbawamba
  18. I Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas
  19. Everlong: Foo Fighters
  20. Champion: Carrie Underwood
  21. How You Like Me Now: The Heavy
  22. Circle of Life: Elton John
  23. Feels Good to be Alive: Andy Grammar
  24. All I know so Far: Pink
  25. High Hopes: Panic! At the Disco
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