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Wellness Incorporated

The Health Entrepreneur’s Handbook

The Health Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Entrepreneurs working in the health and wellness sector face unique challenges and opportunities in the field—and yet, there has never been a business resource specifically tailored to their needs. Until now.

Wellness Incorporated has actionable, practical information based on nine key principles specific to the health entrepreneur: As the first book of its kind to address the specific needs of socially-minded healthcare leaders who want to take a “people first” approach when making decisions, based not on financial transactions but on relationships and desired outcomes, this is an essential guide for every entrepreneur in the health and wellness field—whether for-profit or non-profit, public or private.

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Drive Your DreamWellness Incorporated is geared toward those who know that taking care of your business is necessary to take care of others. Explore:

  • Strengthen Your Expertise
  • Maximize Your Message
  • Scale for Impact
  • Build in the Spirit of Equity
  • Clear the Path
  • Secure Your Health
  • Find Your Blisspoint
  • Leave a Legacy Ahead

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Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples, including Buchanan’s own journey as a business owner, Wellness Incorporated is geared toward those health entrepreneurs who know that taking care of your business is the best way to take care of others. Now that’s wellness, well played.

Jennifer Buchanan, MBA, MTA

Music Therapist. Author. Health Entrepreneur. Speaker

Like many health entrepreneurs, I started with a dream. I wanted to help people in their pursuit of optimum health – where they felt strong and valued. But after running my business for twenty years, even with thousands of clients and a loyal staff, I felt tired, burned out, and unsure if my business would make it another 20 years. Rather than quit, I went on an intense quest, including more education, research and testing, to prove my company’s viability and identify the key components of successful healthcare practices—and in Wellness Incorporated I share these essential elements so your own business can prosper.

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Andrea Holwegner

CEO, Health Stand

Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Wellness Incorporated is THE book for growth of your health and wellness business.


Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Multiple award-winning owner of JB Music Therapy Jennifer Buchanan has created a rare thing: a business book with a beating heart. Faced with the challenges of running a business she loved but finding herself personally depleted, she eventually developed nine key principles with the aim of keeping your business strong and viable in tandem with your own health and happiness. Concise, clear, engaging writing combined with solid advice makes this a must-read for any health entrepreneur.