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Why Music Improves Mood, Memory and Motivation

As the world becomes more complex, society continues to seek new ways to feel more connected. In so many ways music provides the opportunity to build that bridge. At the simplest level music brings more meaning into moments. And, at a more complex level music impacts brain function and human behavior reducing stress, pain and symptoms of depression as well as improving mood, memory and motivation.

Since beginning her career three decades ago, Jennifer Buchanan, an award-winning Music Therapist and Author, has witnessed the power of these music connections with infants through to seniors, from the corporate boardroom to the palliative care unit, from the classroom to correction centre, and for people struggling with their mental health to those living with dementia. The results are nothing short of inspiring.

Using clinical evidence and compelling stories of how music affects people’s lives, this keynote will bring your audience together and help them tune in to all the ways music can be used more intentionally; to boost mood and restore feelings of wellbeing at home, work and in life.

In this engaging and eye-opening session, you will:

  • Explore new research that amplifies the work happening at the intersection of music, health, and neuroscience.
  • Hear real stories that demonstrate how music – when used with intention – can reduce stress and anxiety while igniting creativity required for new ideas and problem-solving.
  • Identify how music is a communication bridge, one that can help individuals express and process their most significant life challenges, difficult transitions, and at times, an unexpected health crisis.

Based on her book of the same title, Tune In will demonstrate that when we experience the right music, in the right way, transformation can and does happen……one simple, yet powerful, note at a time.

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Ingrid Norrish

Joy Fox Award Recipient

Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

I had booked Jennifer as a closing keynote speaker for an Annual Conference. Right from the start when we spoke I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and keen interest in our event. She made some recommendations on what she could add and customize to the closing keynote presentation to end the conference with a WOW factor.

She delivered on her promise, and her warmth and engaging style captivated the audience, and we all learned from what she shared. As a meeting planner, I’ve witnessed many keynote presenters and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jennifer for any event.

Erin Lassiter

Conference Chair

Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association

Jennifer has an amazing ability to connect with her audience in an engaging, motivational and thought provoking way.  She was able to take our conference theme and incorporate it into her presentation in a creative and relevant way.  We continue to receive excellent feedback from our delegates.  Jennifer is a truly inspirational speaker who is also an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thank you Jennifer!

*Read Jennifer in ‘Health and Fitness CheatSheet’ – How Music Can Help you Deal with Stress



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