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Wellness Incorporated

Building a Business that Makes a Difference

When I started my business in 1991 at the age of 21 I was told it was impossible to do what I did and make money.

This presentation is as professional as it is personal.  Together we will answer the question – ‘Is it possible to build a business that is good for our clients, our community, and ourselves? 

I had to cast aside my notions of how my business “ought to be,” by other people’s standards. Instead, I needed to build my business as it was meant to be: one that would thrive through the rough patches, serve the community, and help clients reach their goals. A sustainable business that makes a difference.  

  • Learn how to strengthen your mindset (and redefine) your value of mission, mastery, and money.
  • Explore practical strategies on how to grow your business while always helping others.
  • Identify your ‘blisspoint’ and how to use it to guide your next, best decision.

Based on the award-winning book of the same title, ‘Wellness Incorporated,’ this presentation is for health entrepreneurs and health leaders, encouraging each of us to focus a little less on the bottom line and more on our values-driven top line.

Regardless of your industry or business model, understanding why we do what we do will help us drive our organizations better.

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Here I speak about my company after being nominated for the Community Impact Award the first time:


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