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Wellness Incorporated

Leading a Business the Makes a Difference

‘What would my business look like if it was good for my client, my community, and me?’  This is the ultimate question for every entrepreneur who desires to be sustainable AND make a difference.

Features of this presentation:

  • Strengthen your mindset towards your mission, mastery and money.
  • Explore practical strategies on how to grow your business while still helping others.
  • Identify your ‘blisspoint’ and how to use it to guide your next, best decision.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare or Wellness Professionals
  • Business Leaders & Executives
  • Health Leaders & Executives

When you step into the role of an  entrepreneur you are essentially claiming your spot as a leader and trailblazer within your specific industry and community. You are passionate about your clients, and you are confident you have the training to help them reach their desired needs and goals. But how about your business and leadership skills?

Drawing on almost 30 years of experience owning and operating an award-winning private healthcare company, one that grew from a single client to thousands, this presentation shares proven ways on how to grow your practice or business so you never stray far from your values and mission. 

Wellness Incorporated is for all of us — the emerging private practitioner, the established health entrepreneur and the business leader.  This presentation encourages us to focus a little less on the bottom line and more on the top line – your impact and purpose.

Regardless of your industry or business model, understanding why we do what we do can help drive us to do better.

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