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Wellness Incorporated

9 Steps to a Sustainable, Values-Driven Business

Organizations across the globe are increasingly recognizing the need to create impact-centric businesses that move beyond simply making a buck, toward truly making a difference.

Whether you’re a healthcare facility that wants to be better, a large organization devoted to helping in exceptional ways, or a solopreneur wellness coach who wants to empower every client, values-based businesses understand that they have an opportunity to make a difference every single day for the people they serve.

Award-winning music therapist, author and successful business owner Jennifer Buchanan knows all too well the challenges of building a values-based business from the ground up. Through over 20 years of highs, lows and near burnout, she held on to her dream, even when she felt like quitting.

Instead, she went on an intense quest to prove her company’s viability and identify what it really takes to run a successful business that operates from the heart.

In this content-rich presentation you’ll learn:

  • how to get to the heart of your business dream
  • when and how to scale your business
  • how to maximize your marketing message
  • how to increase equity for all, and;
  • why it’s essential to take care of yourself while you take care of others.

Based on the book of the same title, Wellness Incorporated is for anyone who is facing or has faced the challenges of running a business that puts impact before profit. Learn the nine key principles that will keep your business strong and viable in tandem with your own health and happiness. This session shows you how.

This presentation can be adapted from a 1-hour keynote to a 2 – day transformational business retreat (or anything in between).

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Jaclyn Fimrite, VP

Mergers & Acquisitions

Royal Bank of Canada

Jennifer never ceases to amaze me… She has taken her challenge and delight filled entrepreneurial journey and turned it into an inspirational guide for those considering a business venture that couples financial reward and greater enhancement of social good – two concepts rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

Here I speak about my company after being nominated for the Community Impact Award the first time:


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