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Wellness Incorporated

Leading a Business that Makes a Difference

When I started my music therapy agency in 1991 at the age of 21 I was told it was impossible to do what I wanted to do let alone create jobs doing it.

But I had a dream.

The dream to help the child with cerebral palsy recognize in themselves how awesome they are.

The dream for the person who acquired a brain injury to use their hands the way they once did.

The dream for the person with dementia not to be afraid and be able to connect to their families again.

The dream for someone facing extreme anxiety a tool that could help them get back to work and life with greater ease than they ever imagined.

The dream of building a values-driven agency that contributes to the health and well-being of not only the individuals it serves but that inspires larger organizations and the greater community.

Over the last 30 years I have had to cast aside my notions of how my agency “ought to be,” by other people’s standards. Instead, I needed to build my organization as it was meant to be: one that would thrive through the rough patches, adapt through the challenges, and help our clients reach their goals.

A sustainable business that makes a difference.

At the heart of every organization is the dream. This presentation shares mine.

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Jaclyn Fimrite, VP

Mergers & Acquisitions

Royal Bank of Canada

Jennifer never ceases to amaze me… She has taken her challenge and delight filled entrepreneurial journey and turned it into an inspirational guide for those considering a business venture that couples financial reward and greater enhancement of social good – two concepts rarely mentioned in the same sentence.

Here I speak about my company after being nominated for the Community Impact Award the first time:


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