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The Power of a Playlist

Drive Health, Happiness and Success

Think back to the last song they played at your school dance, that mixed tape your school sweetheart made for you, or the song that reminds you of summer. Behind every song is an untold story, and when you pull those powerful songs together, it can be transformational.

The creation of a purposeful playlist is so much more than compiling the most popular suggestions from your music streaming service, in fact there’s actual science to it.

When you find the right music to use at the right you can elevate your goals using a tested process that will help you to tune into the memories and moments that matter most to you.

With Jennifer Buchanan, an award-winning music therapist, as your guide you will leave this workshop learning 5 ways to produce a playlist that is personalized to your needs and goals. This single exercise is certain to help you:

  • increase productivity
  • improve performance
  • decrease stress
  • feel safe and connected
  • improve memory
  • find your happiness again

Since music is now largely “on-demand,” it makes the creation of purposeful playlists simple, accessible, and if done right, beneficial for health, happiness and success. Now that’s a good song!

Greg Bond

Partner Channel Sales


We had the absolute pleasure of having Jennifer attend our team’s All Hands Meeting in March. Jennifer is a fantastic storyteller and had the team captivated. The session was outstanding with Jennifer guiding us through the importance of music, how our brains respond, and how we can harness its power at different points of the day. The session was truly enlightening and received overwhelmingly positive feedback with attendees feeling energized and connected with their past and present through the music they love. Long live the mixtape!

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Read Jennifer’s contribution to Spotify‘s sponsored article in The Guardian

Andrew Mosker

President and CEO

National Music Centre

Canada is so fortunate to have such a practitioner in Jennifer Buchanan. Professional, experienced, talented, and passionate, Jennifer is committed to ensuring that the healing powers of music thrive and are made accessible in new and innovative ways.


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