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The Power of a Playlist

Connecting Teams with Resilience and Fun

We had the absolute pleasure of having Jennifer attend our team's All Hands Meeting in March. Jennifer is a fantastic storyteller and had the team captivated. The session was outstanding with Jennifer guiding us through the importance of music, how our brains respond, and how we can harness its power at different points of the day. The session was truly enlightening and received overwhelmingly positive feedback with attendees feeling energized and connected with their past and present through the music they love. Long live the mixtape!

Greg Bond

Partner Channel Sales


Music can drive health, happiness, and success. 

Let your mind drift to the last song that always played at your school dances. The mixtape your best friend made for you. The guitar riff that always reminds you of summer… behind every favourite song is an untold story.

Purposeful playlists are more than just compiling the most commonly played songs from your streaming service.  This presentation will blend what you already know about the mixtape, add in the science, teach new strategies, and share impactful stories that will result in a sensation of groundedness, inspiration, and meaningful connection

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The desire to order our music comes from a fundamental human place — our quest to curate what’s important to us.

Audiences of 10 to 1000 will enjoy this highly interactive and engaging presentation that uses a tested process that will:

  • Help you tune in to the memories and moments that matter most to you.
  • Learn several ways to produce a playlist personalized to your needs.
  • Discuss how the right music played at the right time has the power to elevate your goals.

The invigorating energy of ‘Wellness Wellplayed’ is sure to help you increase productivity, decrease stress, and feel more connected.

The creation of purposeful playlists has become simple, accessible, and, if done right, beneficial for health, happiness and success. 

Rave Reviews

Christian Hall

National Program Manager

Harvard Broadcasting

Warning! Jennifer’s passion for Music Therapy is extremely contagious – in a very good way. Anyone who’s ever spent time with her immediately wants to support the amazing work her and other music therapists provide.

Patricia Morgan


Solutions for Resilience

My heart was broken open. Jennifer Buchanan paints a picture of the tender moments music can help create and demonstrates its calming effects. She provides a simple, yet profound explanation of the distress reduction effect music can have. You can deliberately choose your music to bring you to calm. Jennifer shows the way.


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