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Jennifer Buchanan MBA, MTA

Transforming Healthcare One Note at a Time

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Join the Health Entrepreneur’s Hub

I am SO EXCITED to announce my new book – Wellness Incorporated available January 29, 2019.

To give an even BIGGER BOOST to the book I am starting  –  the Health Entrepreneur’s Hub – an intimate group who will join me in an intensive and personalized online book study and business strategy program.

Includes 9 Classes, Personal Coaching, Textbook and Workbook just for starters….

Grow your Sustainable, Values-Driven Health Business in 2019!

Only 25 spots available. Registration Closes February 5, 2019

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Keynotes and Seminars

Jennifer's signature opening and closing keynotes educate and inspire while enhancing a very memorable conference for all in attendance. Audiences include all levels of healthcare, education, and business.

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Join the Health Entrepreneur's HUB!

A community for the health entrepreneur, private practitioner or the small business owner to grow their business in 2019! Includes 9 classes, personalized coaching, workbook and homework - all for one fee.

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Free Companion Workbooks

You have the book(s), now download the resources to assist you in your journey and to maximize your experience.

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Upcoming Events

Join Jennifer on her national and international travels.

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Bruce Sellery

Money Columnist

Cityline and CBC Radio

Buchanan makes a very compelling case for entrepreneurship in the health care sector in her book Wellness Incorporated. She is living proof that you can do well, and do good.